Child Support


Having managed the child support enforcement system for over 20 years and having managed State Disbursement Units (SDU) for over 16 years for multiple states, our team of veteran child support professionals has a deep understanding of the complexity and goals of child support services and the needs of the child support enforcement community. For more than 34 years we have provided a wide range of solutions for every aspect of child support enforcement.

Between 1989 to 2009, Informatix developed and maintained the CASES system for 55 counties in California, overseeing core CSE functionalities from case intake to court order enforcement, and from collections to distribution and disbursment. Since 2006, Informatix has managed 12 (past and present) SDUs throughout the Country. Our patented software, RAPID®, integrates the latest technology with image-based workflow software, and provides a fast and secured payment process for our SDU clients. Its flexible architecture lends itself to multiple deployment options: on premise, on cloud, or hybrid. We offer both full-service operations or software-only payment processing services.

Besides child support enforcement and state disbursement units, Informatix continues to be the leader of data matching services in the country. We provide financial institution data matching for 35 states through the FIDM Alliance (19 states) and through IDEC Consortium (16 states). In addition to financial institution matching, we support Automated Enforcement of Interstate (AEI) cases and Parent Locate services for IDEC states.