FIDM Solutions

Informatix is the largest provider of Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) Services in the country. Each quarter, our FIDM Solutions Group locates over $100B in financial institution accounts for our state customers. We have been providing comprehensive FIDM Services to state agencies since 1999, and currently partner with over 60 state agencies to provide proven FIDM solutions. For over 23 years, we have supported our state partners with high quality, accurate and secure FIDM data, as they seek to increase collections for the constituents they serve. 

Our FIDM Solutions

Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)

Informatix works with state agencies and financial institutions to identify assets for unpaid debt, ranging from past due child support to unpaid taxes. To ensure financial institution participation in the program, legislation is required, and Informatix can assist our government partners with that process. Our innovative matching solution keeps proprietary and personal data safe and uncompromised, while providing an effective tool for state agencies to recover unpaid debt.

Knowing that data integrity and security are of upmost importance, Informatix provides our customers with proven security measures, and constantly evolving procedures and protocols for data exchange. Informatix encrypts data at rest and meets IRS Pub 1075, NIST and other federal guidelines to protect sensitive identifying information.

Within our FIDM Solution we offer:

Help Desk Support

Informatix staffs a call center with a help desk solution that assists financial institutions and state agencies with technical issues, questions and general support regarding the FIDM program. Our staff is knowledgeable of all FIDM processes, legislation requirements, and file formats, and is readily available to assist when needed.

Maximized Outreach Services

Informatix provides robust, consistent outreach to the financial institution community to inform them of FIDM requirements and support them as they process and transmit the required files. We also provide a toll-free helpline to answer any questions or provide technical or program requirement assistance.

State Obligor/Debtor Receipt and Format

Informatix accepts files from the states in many formats and then loads that data into our database for matching purposes. All file transfers are completed using a secure encrypted file transfer method such as SFTP or FTPS.

Full File Transfer Support

Informatix offers secure file transfer processes to both our state agency partners and financial institutions to ensure all data transfers are encrypted. We offer secure Internet services and secure FTP protocols for all file transfers, as well as file encryption standards, to provide an extra layer of security.

Result File Formatting

As the FIDM match data becomes available and is processed within our system, results are consolidated and returned electronically to the state in a pre-approved format. Results file processing can occur as frequently as daily to ensure fresh up-to-date data for collections purposes.

Data Sharing Component

Informatix acts as a broker on behalf of our customers and provides interstate FIDM data sharing services for our child support customers. This allows assets to be identified across state lines to greatly increase collections.


The most critical part of the FIDM process is to ensure that identified assets are then collected.  Informatix’ automated lien and levy processing assists states in filing liens, and then collecting located assets. Using a secure website, state workers generate notices to the financial institutions and obligor/debtors. The system tracks the cases and gives states the option to issue liens at both in-state and multi-state financial institutions.

Parent Locate 

On a daily basis, state child support enforcement staff need reliable tools to locate non-custodial parents and custodial parents to ensure child support payments are enforced, reducing the time children are without needed support. Our Parent Locate tool provides vital information to child support staff. Participating states provide their state data to update a single, shared data warehouse location. Our data warehouse contains approximately 300 million records from sources such as state DMV’s, food stamps, worker’s compensation, correctional institutions, and state and federal employers reporting new hire and wage data. These records can be searched on-line or through a batch search function for immediate processing. 

Informatix, in partnership with large data providers, has an optional expanded Parent Locate tool that gives our state customers access to billions of additional data points to aid in locating hard to find delinquent obligors and debtors.

Our Commitment

At Informatix, we commit to meeting and exceeding your program goals and providing you with an electronic FIDM program that meets your high standards for excellence. We match account data with over 13,000 financial institutions nationwide every quarter. Our attention to detail and responsive customer and technical service makes us the vendor of choice for over 60 state agencies. We currently provide FIDM Services to the following agencies: Child Support, Departments of Revenue and Taxation, Unemployment Insurance, State Debt Collection, and IV-A Welfare. Informatix takes great pride in the work we do, increasing collections, providing accurate data, and protecting highly sensitive information.

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, Informatix has been our FIDM service provider. We have experienced the highest level of customer service as well as consistent and reliable FI data matching. Together with Informatix, we have developed a strong FIDM Alliance program with numerous other states, resulting in robust matching and increased collections.  

Kim Lubbers, State of Michigan, Child Support, Central Operations Administrative Manager

Informatix has been our (FIDM) service provider since 2010. They have the highest level of customer service and are a very reliable partner in our FIDM reporting. They make the process very streamlined and efficient. I look forward to working with them more in the future.  

Karen McMillin, BankCorp South  

We could not be more pleased! With this authority, we promised to increase our levy collections by $13M per year and have exceeded expectations every year. Couldn’t do it without you!

Susan Dukes, Deputy Director, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

For over 13 years, Informatix has provided the Interstate Data Exchange Consortium (IDEC) Parent Locator and (FIDM) services. They have always maintained a high level of commitment to customer service. In the four years that Mississippi has been the seat agency, the support from the staff during and after the transition has proven to be invaluable. Additionally, the staff members are knowledgeable, highly responsive, friendly, creative and committed to helping states increase child support collections.

Michael Herndon, IDEC Director, and Natalie McSwain, Former IDEC Director, Mississippi Department of Human Services  

Our Data Match Clients Served

With Informatix, our customers are assured of a vendor who understands the complexity of FIDM services and standards, has established relationships with over 13,000 participating financial institutions across the country, and knows the nuances of processing as well the critical security and confidential elements of FIDM services.

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