iDocStore was designed and developed to handle massive volumes of case or financial documents. Informatix’ iDocStore imaging and archiving system automatically captures, dynamically indexes, and archives documents and other media – all without changing your existing applications or operating environment. With iDocStore, images retain the exact content and look and feel of the originals. iDocStore can be configured for use for child support or any types of business lines.

With iDocStore, all images – checks, remittances, invoices, correspondence, and envelopes (including electronic payments) entering the RAPID® system are imported into the image archive automatically including the entire audit trail from scanning to extraction. Additional audit trail for these items is added incrementally, at an interval that is configurable in the system, throughout the life of the image in the archive. iDocStore is accessible via web browser, and information within the iDocStore system is searchable for the life of the contract.