Innovations and Technologies

Informatix is at the forefront of technology, constantly looking for digital transformation ideas to improve our software and to provide convenient digital services to our constituents. Our commitment to innovation drives us to re-imagine processes and solutions using new software and tools that the market has to offer.

We understand that digital transformation is not just about installing new tools, but to have a holistic view of the whole operation, to streamline/simplify process, increase efficiency, and to give our customers more clarity into their business.

In 2014, to enable our customers to expand with the ever increasing payment channels in the market, we developed the iApprove API. With iApprove, RAPID® can accommodate virtually any payment method. Each new payment method simply becomes another input stream into the main application. As a result, with RAPID® we can offer an omnichannel payment solution that includes payments through the web, telephone, IVR, PayPal, Venmo, MoneyGram, or any retail Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

In 2015, we launched our data analytics in AWS cloud, providing our SDU clients intuitive and flexible dashboards in order to monitor program status and perform data analysis.

In 2018, Informatix became the first company to deploy the SDU operations fully in the cloud. For our SDU site, RAPID® solution was hosted in the Amazon Cloud, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). Site users are authorized access to the RAPID® application client via desktop virtualization using Amazon Workspaces.

We offer information technology services, including full project development, consulting, and IT staff augmentation. Our skilled IT staff are proficient in Java, Angular, JQuery, Javascript, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SOAP, REST, and architecture in Amazon Web Services. We understand the current trend of software businesses moving to the cloud. With our recent projects implemented in the AWS cloud, we appreciate the benefits that cloud computing has to offer to our constituents. Benefits include security, scalability, and cost savings, to name a few. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud, in the form of virtual computers of configurable computing power and optimizations. The service runs on network infrastructure in FedRAMP certified Amazon data centers. The AWS Elastic File Storage (EFS), the scalable block storage for use with ECS instances, provides the scalability to handle any volume increases in transactions. The pay-for-what-you-use model results in IT cost savings when transaction volume decreases. 

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