Happy New Year

On this first day of 2021, our hearts are filled with hope and gratitude. Nearly one year ago when the pandemic started, no one could have predicted that it would last this long or would have had such an extensive impact to our lives. Many businesses are still not back to normal.  Unemployment has grown. Many countries are still closed to travelers. Yet we also see the strength and resiliency of our country. We adapt. We adjust.  Curbside pickup, outdoor dining, and wearing a mask became our new norm. Schools continue to educate our children via e-learning. MS Teams and Zoom became our daily vocabulary. While most of us have adjusted to working from home, we are thankful and encouraged that through it all, our staff and management continue to operate our SDUs and FIDM processing smoothly, and support the children and clients we serve without missing a beat. 

As we start the New Year with several versions of COVID-19 vaccines in the horizon, we are convinced that the future can only get brighter. We are grateful for our colleagues and our customers for what we have accomplished together. We wish you happiness and success as we welcome 2021. Happy New Year!